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IPKKND – Arnav and Khushi……


il·lus·tri·ous ♥ nar·ra·tives

I am just left speechless. These beautiful talented writers. Hats off! ❤

The IPKKND Ficverse

Five years ago a pair of arms created an unwilling safety net for a damsel in distress. That chance meeting burned with such intense chemistry it lit the torch that launched several hundred fan fictions.

The Raizadas and Guptas has been reimagined, reconstructed, and recasted into a myraid of fascinating characters that are as dear to our hearts as their onscreen counterparts.

To select the best out of dozens upon dozens of gorgeous tales is an arduous task and not a particularly fair one as each story hold its own merit. However, in celebration of half a decade of delightful storytelling, I thought it would be exciting to share favorites and give shout outs to beloved writers.

A thank you and hug to everyone who participated by submitting their Nominations!

I relished seeing personal favorites as well as fresh stories pop up, my To-Read list has definitely doubled.


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Dear Khushi

expressions of love

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Dear Khushi,

A very Happy Anniversary to us.

Surprised? I did remember this time. But, that is not to disregard the not-so-subtle hints you, Di and NK dropped in last week. I didn’t really know what to get you today. You will most certainly get your jalebi fix from Amma, some ridiculous jewellery from Mami, saris from Di and like every other year, one tacky Bollywood poster from NK. You have almost everything you love. So instead I bought you something, I happen to love very much. Lingerie. Its red, silk and will look terribly beautiful on you. And quit looking so scandalised Khushi, you very well know you want to try it. Tonight, okay?

On a more serious note – why am I writing this letter, you might ask. Its just that there are a million little things I have wanted to tell you, about you, about us…

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Mrs. Mehta’s Invitation

expressions of love

Mrs. Mehta’s Invitation

The rough bark of the tree scratched against her back, and she immediately arched to alleviate the discomfort, but the man firmly pushed her back by pressing his body against hers. She gasped, as his hand pressed against her abdomen, her stomach clenching in response, his fingers brushing over her navel, feeling her smooth skin.

She knew she was going to have suspicious looking red marks on her back, and considering that her blouse was backless, it was going to be hard to cover up. But just as that thought crossed her mind, it escaped just as quickly, because the man’s hand brushed around her waist, to her back, and pulled her completely flush against him. Her hands immediately went to his arms, and they tightened their hold, her nails digging into his suit.

He leaned his head back, and her eyes immediately opened to see his…

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Raison d’etre

expressions of love

**A note before we begin:

Hello! To all who know me and to those who do not, I am Avi! I was dreamyshadows on IF (when I was most active), and I still write a whole lot on Arnav and Khushi (but now am norolim and continue mostly on blogs).

However, this is my first OS in a very long time (see: three years), and I am a bit rusty. This is one of the first attempts of my reentry into the world of One Shots — I will be back again! For now, I hope you enjoy reading this just as much as I enjoyed writing it.

And lastly (but most importantly!), I would like to thank Jigs-ji (Chokri_ASR) for being a wonderful beta and giving me great grammatical advice. I ❤ you  very much!



Love born from hate was a highly potent poison — it had…

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